Blog Etiquette

Here are some essentials:

1) A blog is like a diary, but public. Once posted is for the world to read it. Write accordingly. Keep in mind that is not for your eyes only. Be especially careful when you write on a corporate or school blog.
2) Write content that is not just about you, but something that gives benefits to your readers.
3) When you post on somebody else’s blog, write something of value. If you disagree with the blogger’s point of view, say why and the solution you propose.
4) When you write, either on your own blog or on other’s blog, keep in mind that your personality and your reputation are reflected in your words. You decide what is going to be.
5) When someone makes a good comment about your blog, acknowledge it and be thankful. Courtesy will always speak well about you.
6) If you post and you want anonymity, don’t make any references that might indicate who is posting.
7) Not everybody has broadband. If you want your blog to be read by as many people as possible, keep your graphics to a minimum.
8) Be consistent with your posts. Don’t post every month and then suddenly post many messages. Choose your own pace and keep it. This way your readers will know when to visit your blog for new information.
9) Include RSS feeds in your blog. More and more people are using it and your readers will not be frustrated for your lack of RSS feeds.
10) Be clear and specific in the description of the links on your blog. Tell your visitors where you are sending them.

Blogging is here to stay. Make the best of it for you, but especially for your readers.

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